Questions to Ask Garden City Realty Brokers When You have Shortlisted Your Choices

Are you looking for a second home where you can spend your summer vacation at? There are several condo units and houses that are being offered by Garden City Realty. These properties are not pre-owned so you will be the first who will get to benefit from the property you buy as well as the amenities found therein.

Residential Property

Just think of a vast area where you can spend a relaxing vacation with your family or friends. It is not a small cramped space where camping bags and cushions will be scattered on the floor. In fact, each house was designed to have a large living room and at least three bedrooms with individual full bathrooms.

Schedule an appointment with Garden City Realty and they will send a broker to tour you around several houses that interest you. The tour will not take the whole day unless you have chosen a lot of sites to go to.

Real EstateThere are some questions that will come in handy after the broker finishes the rundown of the price grid that you are looking at. You can ask these questions when you have narrowed down your list of houses to buy. This way, you can imagine where to put your appliances, furniture, and other interior necessities when it is time for you to settle in.

1.Can you put additional jacks and sockets in every room for a TV, radio, and night lights?

Note to Buyer: Should the broker agree, do not forget to clarify the correct voltage requirements of the electrical outlets. This will come in handy if you have purchased electronics from abroad that were initially designed for 220V outlets.

2.Can the living room be pre-wired for the installation of a home theater?

Note to Buyer: Most of the living rooms are usually pre-wired with several extensions but it is very important to ask your broker if they are amenable to you personalizing your home in this regard. There are some real estate companies that have specific rules on proper electrical installation and maintenance though all legitimate companies abide by the electricity regulations in their area of operations.

3.Is there a centralized heater for the entire house or are there stand-alone heaters for each part of the house?

Note to Buyer: This is the most important question to ask since not all occupants of the house want a cold area every time. It is best to ask if there are any chances that different thermostat regulators can be installed in the house. Aside from personalizing the temperature levels in different parts of the house, it will also contribute to reduced utility expenses.

4.Does Garden City Realty have regular electrical inspectors for possible fuse blowouts?

Note to Buyer: Maintaining a house is difficult especially if there are emergency cases when a fuse blows up or a lamp gets busted. The oceanfront houses may be a little far from the stores. It is best to ask if they have a stand-by electrician to do the installation for you.

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